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We are committed to providing the best security solutions in our industry


Manned Security

Well trained & skilled guards

the best arn security dog

Dog Patrols

They compliment our work in a big way.

arn alarm  & backup services

Alarm & Backup Services

We promise to be there in the shortest time possible

arn cctv surveillance solution

CCTV Systems

Capture it even when you are not around.

arn access control solution

Access Control

Only allow access to authorized personnel.

arn electric fencing solution

Electric Fencing

Durable and relible

arn vhf radio calls

VHF Radio Calls

We are always in communications and in control of your safety.

arn cash and valuables in transit solution

Fleet Management

We have a monitoring system that offers live feeds of vehicle location and its fuel consumption.

arn event safety and security management solution

Event Safety & Security Management

Carry on with your activities smoothly as we ensure your maximum security.

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We are committed to providing services in an honest and transparent way.

Customer focus

We are committed to delivering innovative solutions to generate trust and partnership for mutual benefit and customer satisfaction.


We are defined by our products & personnel to ensure quality, expertise, dedication and consistency is achieved year on year.

qualified and experienced personnel

This is our greatest asset to drive the delivery of our clients' needs. We strive to train and develop our employees' competence, opportunity and inspiration.

Team Work

We promote team work and collaboration by creating a work environment that is driven by passion and commitment

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