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Arn security services was established in 2003, and has progressed into a significant role player within the security industry.


To provide affordable security solutions in line with technological advancement by building strong partnerships with our clients and government security agencies.


To be the leading provider of security solutions in Kenya.

Who We Are

ARN Security Consultants and Training Services Ltd was established in 2003 and has progressed into a significant role player in the security industry.
Our company is recognized as prompt, vigilant and highly effective when it comes to the response system. We operate in all market segments and have a customer and staff centric philosophy. We train our staff in different areas such as: customer service, search procedures, anti-terrorism threat detection and first-aid among other areas that help them carry out their duties effectively and deliver on client expectations.


We have made deliberate investments into the latest security technology to ensure both our internal and external processes deliver outstanding customer service and real time information and solutions.

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